Coming up are four pages of written babble. If that sounds like an unappealing read, let me attempt to coax you in with an alternate approach. The text is riddled with footnote-links that lead to more text but are actually an excuse for images. The point of movies is that they move, but they do so by sequencing still frame after still frame; and many of these frames, viewed individually, have an atmospheric and mysterious appeal of their own.

That being the case, if you do nothing but hit all those links and look at the pictures (don't miss the asterisks *), you'll have a pretty good idea of why I care about these films, and the text you can take or leave.

Footnotes and asides riddle the text. For the person interested enough to follow along, might I recommend reading one or two paragraphs at a clip then backing up for the digressions.


The site is now more or less static. It's unlikely that more movies will be added though I do like wandering through from time to time and doing little tweaks to the text or adding screenshots here and there.