Use of the word genre can lead to problems. For example, there are those who feel that noir is not a genre at all, that it's a set of characteristics that can be applied to any film to a greater or lesser degree. True enough, but there does seem to be a group of movies that people refer to as noir. There are endless arguments about what belongs in this group, but pretty much everyone with a somewhat more than average interest in movies has a loose list of titles filed under noir.

As far as Dark Energy goes, I use genre to mean a kind; sort; type as my Webster's puts it. In most contexts I use the word genre because it rolls out better than kind, sort, or type, the line of least resistance having a great appeal to me.

In fact, no definition appearing on this site is intended as an argument-breaker. It's there to let you know that when the term appears on darkenergetics.com, this is what we're talking about... most likely. When we venture out amongst 'em in the wild world beyond, all bets are off.