It's fun to read takes on the Alien series. Each of the four films is helmed by a distinct director, so there's lots of room for playing favorites. I watched the movies one after the other not long ago and had a great time. I like them as a set.

ALIEN (Ridley Scott) - 1979
This is a wonderful movie. Everything works.

ALIENS (James Cameron) - 1986
A rousing action adventure for teen-age boys.

ALIEN 3 (David Fincher) - 1992
Frequently written off as a failure. Fincher himself has disowned it. I thought he got things back on track, my teen-age-boy days being way back there somewhere.

ALIEN RESURRECTION (Jean-Pierre Jeunet) - 1997
Very stylish, somewhat tongue in cheek, and a good close-out.

And, of course, what holds everything together is the magnificent Sigourney Weaver.